The power to go placesThe power to go places

Peak Performance Wherever The Road Takes YouPeak Performance Wherever The Road Takes You

*Genesis reserves the right to modify, update and/or upgrade our products. The product's exterior, interior, configuration, and technical specifications may be adjusted or changed. We will strive to ensure the accuracy and completeness of this introductory information. However, there may be special reasons or circumstances where the actual vehicle differs from the introductory information presented here. In all cases, the exterior, interior, configuration, and technical specifications of the product are subject to the actual vehicle.


A dynamically shaped SUV, the GV80 boasts exceptional driving performance.A dynamically shaped SUV, the GV80 boasts exceptional driving performance.


The GV80 offers limitless potential with its balanced and powerful performance while delivering boundless driving pleasure.




The first SUV from Genesis, the GV80, is optimized for rear-wheel drive. The GV80’s suspension structure, off-road drivability, and collision safety ensure excellent driving performance.

GV80 Engine

genesis-cn-performance-gv80-2.5-turbo-gasoline-engine-12-desktop-2560x900-en.jpg genesis-cn-performance-gv80-2.5-turbo-gasoline-engine-12-desktop-2560x900-en.jpg
Peak Output
304 Hp
5,800~6,720 rpm
Max Torque
422 Nm
1,650~4,000 rpm

A water-cooled intercooler, applied to a dual injection system, improves the engine’s responsiveness. The centrally mounted injector improves fuel economy and combustion stability.


The AWD SystemThe AWD System

The AWD system and electronic slip differentials (e-LSD) adapt to road conditions, perfectly calibrating the front and rear driving force to make sure you’re always in control.


Terrain ModeTerrain Mode

The Genesis GV80 uses its AWD system and electronic slip differentials (E-LSD) to optimize torque distribution. This ensures stable traction and excellent off-road performance, regardless of terrain or driving conditions.


Pre-view Electronic Control SuspensionPre-view Electronic Control Suspension

The Electronically Controlled Suspension with Road Preview actively adjusts the GV80’s performance characteristics to deliver the smoothest possible drive. The system uses a front camera to spot potential obstacles, like potholes, and adjusts the damping force accordingly. A feat of innovation, it also combines the camera with navigation data to detect approaching speed bumps. The Electronic Control Suspension delivers a smoother ride, no matter where you go.


Road-Noise Active Noise ControlRoad-Noise Active Noise Control

With Road-Noise Active Noise Control technology, the GV80 reduces all incoming sounds from the road. The car produces an inverted soundwave, which cancels out the road noise, enabling passengers to ride in comfort.